Fifth Grade Mission Statement
Fifth grade is a safe, caring, welcoming community of mutual respect that engages in competent, quality instruction to encourage students to reach their highest level of potential as life-long learners in the twenty-first century.


Core Values

  • Respect for All Individuals
  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity


Fifth Grade Curriculum Notes
Fifth grade is both a challenging and exciting year for students. A conceptual theme links each subject together so that learning can remain connected and meaningful for students.

Organization, study techniques, and setting goals are all skills that students work on continually throughout the year. Students are responsible for keeping their own assignment notebook, filing their own papers, developing time management skills, and planning and completing many projects. These skills are necessary for their success in middle school and are practiced daily in fifth grade.

In addition to our core curriculum, fifth grade students at Frostwood participate weekly in the Fifth Grade Chorus and in the fall semester, DARE.

Social Studies
Fifth grade Social Studies concentrates on the history of the United States. Students begin studying the early colonization of North America and conclude by studying present day America. The students participate in hands- on curriculum that utilizes all of the multiple intelligences to reinforce and gather new knowledge. History comes alive as students taste, write, feel, see, and hear the past! Major projects and research are also incorporated as a part of the social studies curriculum.

Each nine weeks, we will cover a different science unit. FOSS kits are hands-on
experiments that take students from the concrete experiment to the analytical application of a science concept. The four Foss units are Mixtures and Solutions, Landforms, Environments, and Solar Energy. Students are expected to keep a Science journal that exhibits new vocabulary, observations, and investigative questions. Science also includes an extensive review of previously covered scientific concepts in other grade levels in preparation for the Science TAKS test. 

Fifth grade students will continue to review basic skills as well as explore new concepts. Students will be involved with whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percentages, ratios, beginning algebra, and beginning geometry. Problem-solving is an important concept integrated throughout the year so that each student can become more independent both as an individual and as a group member to find solutions. Students will work with manipulatives to build concrete skills into abstract skills. Math journals are also used to reinforce vocabulary and note taking. Mastery of elementary math skills is an essential component of fifth grade so that students will be successful in future years.

Language Arts
The fifth grade language arts curriculum is closely integrated with science and social studies units. We work cooperatively to bring about an understanding of skills in both reading and writing. Students are provided opportunities to write and edit with peer groups on a variety of topics as well as topics that connect with social studies and science applications. Students are expected to use comprehension strategies to respond critically to literature in a variety of ways. 
Vocabulary skills are encouraged through a separate program in which definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and parts of speech are studied.

Leadership Opportunities

  • Student Council
  • Teacher Assistants Person (TAP)
  • Safety Patrol
  • Chorus
  • DARE