TAP & Patrol

Elizabeth Kidd TAP and Patrol 2009-2010 Sponsor

Safety Patrols assist with bus lines, car rider drop off/pick up, deck, cafeteria and hallways. TAPs (teacher assistant persons) assist in kindergarten classrooms, special area classrooms, the office and the library.

Frostwood Patrol Pledge
I promise to do my best to:

  • Report to duty on time
  • Perform my duties faithfully
  • Strive to prevent accidents
  • Always set a good example
  • Obey all teachers and other officers of the patrol
  • Report dangerous practices of students, and
  • Strive to earn the respect of fellow students.


I understand the Patrol Pledge.  I am committed to being a role model and to following the rules in the pledge.



Morning and Afternoon Positions Afternoon Position (day care only)
Drop off @ 7:45 am Pick up @ 3:10 pm No Morning duty Pick up @ 3:10 pm
Deck (1)  
Bus Clips / Plantation-Deck (2)  
Bus   74 /  Café in Morning    (1)  
Bus  73 /   Flags   (1)  
Bus  27/  Flags     (1)  
Bus    100/   Café in Morning     (1)  
Bus 53/    Café in Morning     (1)  
Bus 82 /  Gessner     (1)  
Plantation Parent Drive (3)  
Gessner Parent  Drive    (3) Morning Positions
Bus Doors/ Cafe (2) No Afternoon Duty Drop off @ 7:45 am
Office (1) Café Helpers  (3)
Captain (1)  
TAPS- Teacher Assistance Program (about 13)