One of the highlights each day at Frostwood is the live televised broadcast presented by the KFWE crew. Under the direction of Amy Markham and Kim McCormick, a crew of fourth grade students takes charge to present the daily announcements. The broadcast crew arrives at the studio in the library media center at 7:40 to prepare the day's broadcast. These students have experiences with KFWE that they have nowhere else on campus. These experiences include:

  • Operating a video or audio mixer
  • Giving the daily announcements
  • Learning the parts and operation of video cameras
  • Speaking in front of an audience as a live television anchor with an actual script
  • Using a teleprompter


The process is the same as a real live television studio! In addition to the United States pledge, Texas pledge and Frostwood creed, daily announcements are made, along with a potpourri of special features including mystery teacher, weather, trivia, lunch menu, student council messages, library announcements, and many other segments. FWE focuses on Frostwood students and what's happening in their classrooms. You may see anything from a taped session to a live interview, or a holiday special and special PTA news events.


Reporter (2)
  • announces pledges, moment of silence, and creed
  • does segments(lunch, trivia, teacher of the week, kid interview, book reviews, your ideas) or announcements
Camera Operator
  • operates the camera
  • check to see what other announcements need to be made
  • making sure the anchors and reporters are practicing
  • oversees and makes sure things happen responsibility
  • changes the job chart every Friday before leaving the studio
  • directs the broadcast from behind the scenes
  • controls the all school display
  • controls the cameras from the mixer
  • types the PowerPoint information daily that will be read on air
  • will operate the PowerPoint throughout the broadcast
Sound Engineer
  • controls the microphone and sound
Computer Operator
  • runs the 2 back computers
Mic Manager
  • manages the mics during announcements