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2009-2010 Elementary GT Identification Process
Spring Branch ISD seeks to implement a comprehensive continuum of services and program options (K-12) that is responsive to the needs, interests, and abilities of gifted and talented students in the social, emotional and intellectual areas. The Gifted and Talented Program identifies and serves the special educational needs of students with advanced learning abilities in language arts/social studies, and/or mathematics/science.

Parents who are considering referring their child for screening are strongly encouraged to attend the Parent Awareness Meeting in the SBISD Board Room at 955 Campbell Road. This meeting will provide important information about the SBISD Program and the characteristics of GT students.  See attached flyer.

Parents who would like to refer their child for screening must provide permission for assessment and complete a Parent Referral Form. The Parent Referral Form can be downloaded from the SBISD Advanced Academic Studies web page under GT Parent Information. This link takes you directly to the SBISD Advanced Academic Studies page. The form can also be downloaded from the Frostwood WEB site under the Parent Resources Link.

Completed Parent Referral Forms must be returned to Dorothy Thompson, Counselor.

Changes to GT Identification Process
Based on the work of the Advanced Academic Studies Task Force, several changes in the identification process for the SBISD Gifted and Talented Program are currently being implemented. This is the second year of implementation for this new process.

Two-Step Process
SBISD has developed a two-step identification process to efficiently assess students’ needs for

the special educational services provided in the Gifted and Talented Program. This process is designed to be student-centered. Level 1 is the first step of the process. Data in Level 1 of the process will be collected for every student referred for the GT program. This step includes collecting data from students through the standardized activities, from teachers through a standardized behavioral inventory, and from parents through the parent inventory. A student must have at least one score that meets the GT standard in Level 1 to continue in the identification process. Students who have no scores meeting the GT standard in Level 1 will not continue in the identification process and will not be identified as gifted.

Level 2 is the second step of the identification process. Level 2 includes the administration of

nationally standardized, norm-referenced tests. This testing will take place during the school day on students’ home campuses. The district identification committee will review the data collected for all students who completed Level 2 of the process to determine which students’ data indicate the need for GT services.

Standard Activities
SBISD is implementing three standardized screening activities or planned experiences in every classroom K-5. These activities are specifically designed to illicit behaviors characteristic of gifted students. These are short, educational activities that teachers will incorporate into their lesson plans. By doing the activities with all students, teachers will be screening all students for possible referral for the GT program. The assessment of these activities will be combined into one measure to be included in the GT identification process. This replaces the portfolios used in previous years.

Honor Scores for Two Years
SBISD will honor test scores for two years, beginning in 1st grade. The publishers of

standardized tests clearly indicate that the scores are representative of a student’s ability for a two-year period. For this reason, we will honor a student’s scores acquired through the GT identification process for two years. This does not include Kindergarten students. Exceptions will be made only for medical reasons documented by a physician. Students may be referred each year, but the previous year’s test scores will be utilized. This change will be implemented in the 2009-2010 school year.

Example: Lynette was referred for GT testing as a 2nd grade student in 2008-2009. She qualified for Level 2 of the identification process, so she took the standardized tests. Based on the data collected in 2008-2009, Lynette did not qualify for the GT program. Lynette was referred for GT testing as a 3rd, grader in 2009-2010, so all of the Level 1 data was collected again. She qualified for Level 2, but was not given the standardized tests. Instead, her scores from 2008-2009 were used. Lynette did not qualify for the GT program. Lynette was referred again in 2010-2011. If she qualifies for Level 2, she will be administered the standardized tests.

If you have questions or concerns, I recommend you attend the District Parent Awareness Meeting or call or email me @ 713-365-5080 or

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