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The music program offers every child at Frostwood music experiences and curriculum taught by certified music education specialists: Julie Sykes and Terri Humphries. We believe that through a variety of successful musical experiences all students’ lives are enhanced.  We are attempting to plant seeds of knowledge and experience that will inspire our students to life-long musical endeavors as participants or patrons.  

Our curriculum is an eclectic blend based upon the philosophy of composer and music educator, Zoltan Kodaly.  We agree with his philosophy that only the best is good enough for our children.  Musical understanding is achieved through active and joyous participation: singing, clapping, moving, playing instruments, and reading.  Through focused listening as well, students learn about the various aspects of music such as tempo, pitch, rhythm, dynamics, form, and timbre. Our methods are structured and sequential with the ultimate objective being musical literacy on the highest aesthetic level. The musical skill building is achieved only after much experience with various types of folk songs and composed songs from around the world.   In every music lesson, the students sing, both individually and as an ensemble.  

Technology is incorporated within this curriculum as well. Students are encouraged to record themselves at school and at home using the recording software Audacity.

In fourth grade students’ learning of note reading is emphasized through the study of the the wind instrument called the recorder. Research has shown that learning to play a musical instrument is “brain friendly” and enhances learning in all areas.

Performances and Programs
In addition to performing in class, Frostwood typically has one grade level PTA sponsored musical per year. The grade level that is to perform changes in a sequence so that hopefully each student that starts Frostwood at first grade will have been in at least one grade level stage production by the time they get to 5th grade.

5th Grade Chorus
All fifth grade students are afforded the opportunity to use their musical skills as a member of the Frostwood Chorus.  The choral rehearsal is where children  will learn techniques to use their voices as instruments of beautiful music.  In the choral rehearsal, students also learn valuable skills to help them to listen and process what they  hear both critically and sensitively. While not an auditioned group of performers, the students strive for the highest musicianship possible, and we set high expectations for performing beautiful music, as well as increasing self confidence and stage presence..  An important part of participating in a performing arts organization is the students’ realization of the wonderful synergy that is created when individuals lend their contributions for the sake of the whole.

The Frostwood Chorus traditionally performs in a holiday concert in December, as well as performs for nearby malls, and nursing homes.  In the spring, the students participate in a district choir festival, and their Farewell to Frostwood Concert in May. 

The fifth grade attends music classes up to once per week and meets as a full chorus up to 45 minutes per week.

Visit the fifth grade choir page for more information.

Our School Song
Frostwood Frostwood we love you so.
Friendship bound we are to help each other grow
Strong of spirit both in sunshine and rain,
Oh Frostwood dear to us you shall remain.
Learning growing, love is all around
Beauty truth and happiness abound.
Tigers bold are we the best in the land.
Purple white for loyalty our colors stand.
Each year brings to us a sweet memory
Together we’re the Frostwood Family.
Frostwood is where our hearts will always be..

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