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The art program at Frostwood is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.  “Hands on” activities include lessons based on the four strands of the art TEKSPerception, Creative Expression, Historical/Cultural Appreciation and Evaluation.

Art instruction strives to attain the following

  • provide opportunities for open ended problem solving using a variety of art techniques
  • make connections & relationships to art history
  • have instruction that praises and encourages students to be successful
  • give opportunities for students to be recognized through displays of their end projects
  • cluster students for instruction and use modeling techniques
  • incorporate a variety of materials and media that spirals at every grade level
  • teach art processes in conjunction with the elements and principles of art
  • make connections to other curriculum areas and technology
  • focus on creative thinking & problem solving
  • incorporate higher level thinking skills
  • result in unique individual products through the process of divergent thinking
  • build success in all students



  • Fourth grade – visits the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston once a year.
  • Second grade – visits the Spring Branch Art Museum once a year.
  • All grade levels –  work is chosen from each grade level to exhibit in the Rodeo Art Exhibit, Spring Art Show in March,  and Administration Building Exhibit every other year. Students have also had work on display at the Bunker Hill City Hall, as well as in the café, library and art hall at Frostwood.

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For Students:

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Who to Contact:

  • Jane Salinas Art Specialist