Welcome to 6th grade  Language Arts and Social Studies  with Ms. Bartling and Ms. Walpole!


We are delighted to be here for another fantastic year at Cornerstone and appreciate the opportunity to explore the world with your child!  Below is some important information to help your child be successful in sixth grade this year.

Grading Policy

Major Grades – 40% (includes final assessments, writing assignments, and projects)

Daily Grades – 60% (includes classwork, quizzes, group work, participation, and homework grades)

Late Policy:

All late work will be recorded in the grade book as missing and will be counted as a zero until completed and turned in.  Students will be assigned to learning lab to complete any unfinished assignments.

For daily grades, students will lose ten points each day, for up to three days.  For major grades, students will lose fifteen points on the first day and ten points each day for the next two days.  After three days, the work may receive a 0 but must still be completed and turned in. 

Homework, Reading Comprehension, Study Skills, and Organization

  • Homework:  Homework is assigned to promote and support classroom learning.  Therefore, you are expected to complete and turn in assigned work, which may include work not completed during class, by its due date.  In addition to assigned homework, you are expected to practice your reading and study skills nightly.
  • Reading Comprehension Skills: All students are required to read at least 20 minutes each night. Sometimes you will have an assigned reading assignment. Other times you are free to choose what you read. However, either way, there may be times when you have to complete an assignment in class based on the previous night’s reading.
  • Study Skills: Pre-AP students are expected to take control of their own learning at CSA.  Each evening you should read over any notes, handouts, or class work from the day and write down your questions and observations.  During STREAM time you can clarify any questions you have, and during class you can share your observations.
  • Organization: Many problems in transitioning to Middle School can be avoided simply by being organized. You should take time each evening to go through your binder and homework folder.  Use the dividers in your binder to make sure papers are neatly stored in their correct place.  Don't forget your homework folder has pockets to put papers to bring back to school, like homework and permission slips, as well as a pocket for things to leave at home, like flyers, notes, and completed or graded work.

Tutorials, Learning Lab, and STREAM

We provide tutorials by teacher recommendation only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  These days are also available for Learning Lab, an opportunity for students to complete any work which does not require one-on-one or small group instruction, such as incomplete homework or make-up work.  Do not plan to stay after school on Tuesday or Thursday unless you and your teacher(s) decide together whether or not you should stay and what your academic focus will be.  Your parents may pick you up, or you may ride the late bus.  If your parents do not pick you up by 4:25, you will ride the bus to your zoned elementary school.

Another resource for help is STREAM time (10:10 – 10:30).  If you are having difficulty in any subject, you may see your teacher for additional help. 

Absences/Make-up Work

Please try to keep your absences at a minimum because making up missed assignments and hands-on activities can be very difficult.  It is your responsibility to pick up and complete any assignments you have missed during your absence.