Ingrid Hooker

Welcome to the Cornerstone Art Department!

The first 6 weeks of Art will be not only a reintroduction of the Elements of Art & Principles of Design. These lessons will be taught in a fun & open environment where each student has the opportunity to advance & learn to the best of their ability. They will be able to experience different types of mediums in Drawing, Sculpture, Painting & Mixed Media.

NOTE: Art lessons are not repeated throughout the year.  Therefore, students can take Art again & again if they are interested!

Although Art is a CESIT selection, this is a REAL Art Class supported by the SBISD Art Curriculum Program & Guidelines.

"An artist isn't a special person.....a person is a special artist"
J. Armistead Stiffel


Grading Policy & Assessment

Grades are based on the 4 criteria listed below:

  • Effort***
  • Following directions
  • Craftsmanship/Quality
  • Creativity


*** Students are graded on their own ability & effort. These are not comparison grades of other  students' art work. This is especially true in 1st and 3rd period where all grade levels are mixed. Effort also involves good classroom behavior & not being a distraction to others.

The list above will ensure all Art students to experience valuable learning outcomes!