CESIT (Career Explorations, Special Interests and Talents)

We are always in need of volunteers to teach CESIT courses at Cornerstone.This is a great way to meet your 10-hour commitment to the school. You can teach a CESIT everyday, or 2-3 days per week (Tu/Th or MWF), and sometimes we can even arrange for you to teach 1 or two times a week out of a 6 week period.

Please contact Bill Burger or Jill Wright for more information or to sign up to volunteer to lead a class!  You can also print out a copy of the CESIT volunteer interest form and send it to school with your child or email it to william.burger@springbranchisd.com

Thank you to our past and current parent CESIT volunteers.

Astronomy by Ivan Moreno

Hamilton by Drew Starlin

Constitution 101 by Matthew Hudman

Teen Court by Matthew Hudman

Pilates/Yoga by Heidi Horton

Bollywood Dance by Najla Rafeeq

Arabic by Racha Alzerekli

Lego Construction by Tim Howell

CPR by Gail Gould

Astronomy by Ivan Moreno

Yu-Gi-Oh by D'Nette Dodds

Knitting by Judy Luthy

Games, Gamers, and Gaming by Chris Pickrell

Perfumes and Fragrances by Lisa Rogers

Boot Camp by Tonya Green

Exploring Korean Cultures by JoAnne Kim

Culinary Arts by Chris Malbrel

NaNoWriMo Young Writer's Program by Angela Holder

Pottery by Janice Teske and Kathryn Dollins

Golf by Tom Winn

Mythbusters by Carlton Cook

Tennis by Oya Freed

Backgammon by Jimmy Jump

Basketball by Heidi Horton

Swimming/Biking by Jose Canedo

Cooking by Mrs. Freeley and More

Junior Achievement by Lisa Hale

Pilates by Michelle Starlin

Video/Stop Motion by Stephen Stelmak