Cornerstone Academy provides an environment where learning is challenging, yet fun! All core classes are accelerated and use Pre-AP strategies as implemented by the Spring Branch ISD. Cooperative learning and project/problem/service based instructional strategies are employed by all teachers.

In mathematics, we believe that Algebra should be available for all 8th grade students. The district 6th-8th curriculum is compressed into two years and all students begin their 8th grade year in Algebra. At mid-year if a student is not achieving success, the student is placed into a class that moves at a slower pace and will complete Algebra in 9th grade. Additionally, at the completion of 6th grade, all 6th grade students take an Algebra readiness test with a small percentage of those students beginning Algebra in 7th grade. 

All incoming students are given a mathematics readiness test. For the small percentage of our incoming students who lack the necessary basic skills for mathematics success, an additional 45 minutes of mathematics instruction is provided.

Language Arts and Social Studies are fully integrated into one class. Students receive one grade for both subjects. The Social Studies curriculum drives the content with reading and writing skills developed throughout the class. Most reading materials are novels, short stories, and primary and secondary source documents that are related to the social studies topic. History Alive strategies are implemented to help students understand and appreciate historical content and make profound personal connections to history. World cultures are the focus of 6th grade. US History, with Texas history infused when appropriate, is taught in both 7th and 8th grades. 

The science curriculum is also compressed with all students completing IPC (Integrated Physics and Chemistry) their 8th grade year. 6th grade science focuses on earth science with  7th grade directing its attention to biology. Inquiry is encouraged! 

One of the unique aspects to Cornerstone is the CESIT program. Students select 6 week courses based upon their interests. 

Come, and experience the difference of Cornerstone!