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We offer a wide variety of computer. Most of our classes are conducted in the classroom at 2100 Shadowdale Dr., during the regular semester. Periodically, we offer shorter courses, concentrating on a single subject matter. To maximize your learning experience, our classes are usually taught with 1 student per computer.

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Mature youth with the prerequisites are welcome in all our computer classes with instructor's approval. Parents of students under 16 must speak with instructor prior to registering. Please call 713-251-1695 to leave a message for the instructor. To register, for more information or if you have questions, please contact us:

Community Education Office at (713) 251-1695

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Course Description:

Beginning Computers

Learn all you will need to get the most out of your computing experience, from basic computer operation to exploring the internet and email.  We will start with basic customization of your computer.  How to find things you have added or deleted.  We will learn how to safely remove programs, basic internet usage and safety.

Prerequisite: No experience necessary  This is a beginning level class.


Basic Computers   WSC  T 6:00-8:00 P.M.   $195    Bailon  (10 weeks) 

Computers    WSC   W 1:00-3:00 P.M.   $195     STAFF  (10 weeks) 


*Genealogy I - Uncover Your Roots

Learn traditional tools such as the Houston Clayton Library, as well as popular (and little known) on-line resources to uncover your family’s history. Includes a field trip to the Clayton Library for instruction in using its vast resources.  During this course, Charlie Gardes, a forensic genealogist, and FGS National Volunteer of the Year, will help you gain skills to ensure you know what to do if you hit a proverbial “Brick Wall”!

Required: In addition to course tuition, each student will be required to obtain a minimum of 2-month subscription to, approximately $60-99 depending on the plan you choose.  Additionally, $45 payable to instructor due on first day for Textbook/materials.

Prerequisite: Must have good basic Windows Skills, including navigating and using the mouse.  This is not an entry-level class for beginners with no computer experience.



Genealogy I       WSC   M. 9:00-12:00 P.M.   $195    Gardes
-Uncover Your Roots (9 Weeks)

Genealogy I     WSC   M. 6:00-9:00 P.M.   $195   Gardes

-Uncover Your Roots  (9 Weeks)

*Genealogy II 

(Please check back in the Summer 2018)

This course takes the learned knowledge from Genealogy I and applies it to an actual probate case from Harris County. Don’t let that be misleading, the research trails extend well into other parts of Texas. Charlie Gardes, a forensic genealogist, will lead you through the maze of the Texas inheritance system and public records to solve the case. Learn how to work with courthouses and libraries long distance, in addition to utilizing the Clayton Library, Center for Genealogical Research here in town.

Required: In addition to course tuition, each student will be required to obtain a minimum of a 2-month subscription to, approximately $60-99 depending on the plan you choose.  Additionally, if the student does do not have the textbook from Genealogy I, $40 payable to instructor is due on first day of class for a copy.

Prerequisite: This is NOT beginning genealogy. Completion of Genealogy I is not a requirement, but students must have familiarity, if not experience, using more than census records and on-line databases. Must have very good skills with Windows,including navigating and using the mouse. This is also not an entry-level class for beginners with no, or little, computer experience.



Genealogy II     WSC    :00-:00 P.M.   $195    Gardes

(8 Weeks)


Clases de Computadora en Español

Computacion Basica

Este curso enseñará a los estudiantes principiantes habilidades de informática muy básicos. Se centrará en las partes principales de una computadora, el teclado, el uso del ratón, y convertir un ordenador encendido y apagado. También aprenderá vocabulario ordenador. Tambien vamos a mostrar lo fácil que es crear una cuenta de correo electrónico, enviar y recibir mensajes. Los temas incluyen los archivos adjuntos, carpetas, cómo abrir, leer y enviar e-mails y abierto, enviar y guardar archivos adjuntos (requiere que tenga una cuenta de email), spam, etc. Usted también aprenderá el propósito de la Internet, lo que es necesaria para conectarse a la misma y los términos más importantes relacionados con el Internet. También explica la World Wide Web y cómo realizar búsquedas y transacciones. Ir más allá de la búsqueda de base de Internet y ver qué más se puede hacer con Google.

Este curso es ideal para las personas de hablar español con poca o ninguna experiencia en computadoras.  (Duracion son diez (10) semanas)


Computacion Basica    WSC   Th. 6:00-8:00 P.M.   $195   Bailon    

(10 semanas) 




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