J. Landon Short Mini-Grant for Educators

The grant program is open to all SBISD educators with applications accepted during the spring. Individual teachers can apply for up to $500 and teams of teachers can apply for up to $750. The program has been endowed in perpetuity, thanks to the generosity of The Robert & Janice McNair Foundation. The program is named in memory of Landon Short, SBISD PARTNERS IN EDUCATION founding board member, who passed away July 29, 1999.

The 2017 Mini-Grant Application window is now open. Click here to apply before June 20. Winners will be announced at the start of the school year.

Teams of educators, program sponsors and community patrons judge all grants. Grants will be awarded to individuals or teams of SBISD educators with the most innovative projects supporting SBISD's T-2-4 goal and Core Values. Judging will take place during the summer and grant recipients will be notified at the start of the school year.

Congratulations 2015 Mini-Grant Winners!

The Community Relations Team is pleased to announce our 2015 J. Landon Short Mini-Grant Winners!
For 26 years, SBISD has conducted a Mini-Grants for Educators competition to nurture, support and extend innovation in our classrooms. Sixteen years ago, The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation created a permanent program endowment in memory of J. Landon Short, a lifelong education advocate and SBISD patron.   More than 70 applications were submitted for this summer’s competition. Each application was reviewed, using a blind judging process, by at least two members of a review committee of 22 SBISD staff, partners and sponsors.

Thank you to our generous partners who provided funding for this year’s Mini-Grants. We so appreciate their continuing support of educators and innovation in SBISD!

Please join us in congratulating these 96 innovative educators from 30 SBISD campuses who have earned 52 grant awards totalling $28,678 to enhance teaching and learning in their classrooms this year!

First Name Last Name Campus Grant Title Co- Applicants
Eduardo Alva SOE A Classic Library  
Jaclyn Bagos EWE 4th Grade Reading Nook Maria Sagredo, Nellie Burke, Ramon Cruz
Manuel Benavidez LMS Lion Media Productions  
Sherridan Briggs SHS Classroom Library / Class Set  
Connie Camacho PSE Second Language Development Through Literature: A Musical Play of “The Little Red Hen” Laura Ruiz
Kara Cannon NMS Math Meets Life Jennifer Rivera, Crystal Nicholas, Gretchen Nyberg
Francis Castellanos SOE Magnifying My Knowledge  
Stephanie Chambers SWE Let's Get "Series-ous" About 2nd Grade Reading! Maria Reza, Grace Kang, Ignacio Gonzalez
Jeanette Choy NHE Energizing Language Arts  
Lora Clay SWHS Clay's APUSHer's  
Karen Collum SWMS Math Improvement  
Lelia Culpepper MHS MMA Meets Real Life  
Ivonne Davis WVE Camera! Action!  
Lisa Dolce SWHS Authentic Authors  
Meredith Duffey- Dixon MWE Gardening in the Classroom Erika Wheeler
Christine Englund BHE Citizens of Science Literacy Shana Mochon
Bezerra Fabiana TFE Movement = Improved Cognition and Positive Behavior  
Jacqueline Fraifeld SOMS Class Participation / Accountability  
Joshua Fuchs SBMS High Energy Active Teaching Scott Singletary, Chenique Whitney
Angela Garza SOMS Filling Education Gaps in the Classroom Timothy Quick
Peggy Gioacchini FEW Crochet Club  
Teresa Henshaw BHE iLearn with iPad  
Stefanie Howard SWH Increased Literacy for LEP Students through Annotation and Writing Bryce Barry, Harry Yu, Sally Ramirez, Donald Peacock
Christina Huerta SWH Providing a Guided-Inquiry Lab Experience for the Atypical AP Chemistry Student Kaleb Underwood
Ngoc Huynh EWE EWE TED-Ed Club Pamela Price, Barbara Dunn, Sonya Ramirez, Teresa Dolan
Maria Jaimes CBE Classroom Library  
Ann King WAIS Leave No Child Inside  
Sabrina Lay NHE Super Powers in Science and Reading  
Karyn Lewis MWE Kinder Coding Robotics Cindy Stone, Jessica Leonard, Erin Miller
Suzan Lynch SHS Learning Marketing Skills in the 21st Century  
Andrew Maddocks WAIS Script Library  
Cheryl Mallette FWE The Coding Diaries  
John Markert NHS Strength Through Solos  
Roger Martinez WWE Ludic Reading Library  
Angela McNeil WWE Let's Tell Our Stories Noemi Leon-Garcia, Lisa Calloway, Pamela Alfaro, Zella Henning
Faralyn Metoyer SFM Tech Savvy Olivia Westerman
Virginia Meyer HCE Fostering Young Writers Through Mentor Texts Delia Dunavin, Wendy Livingston, Cassandra Schaps, Jennifer Sheets
Shawn Mustain SWH Critters and Plants  
Bret Neal SWH History Through Film  
Ana Nieto SBE Self-Regulation: Teaching the Essentials of Decision-Making and Self-Control Maria Oronoz, Angeles Rosales, Arianna Acosta
Jackie Phillips SWH Enhancing Strengths  
Amy Pickett SBEC Creating a Community Garden Brittney Harris
David Pigman SOM VersaTiles Manipulatives Math  
Elizabeth Roy SOM My Students Need a Ladder to Reach the Top  
Peter Steinmetz SHS Sight-reading Factory Marcie Baker
Barbara Stephens WAIS Does a Chair Make a Difference in My Ability to Learn?  
Sabrina Steyn TWE Versatility in Health Fitness  
Theresa Trevino RCE Elementary Robotics  
Patricia Varela NHS Increasing/Deepening Understanding and Higher-Level Thinking for ELL's and EOC Retesters by Reading Shakespeare in Graphic Novel Format  
Stephanie Walton WCE Paint Me a Picasso  
Sarah Withem MDE Reading A- Z Amy Lindsay, Victoria Moxley, Anne Smalling
Barbara Womac TWE Docs 4 Literacy  

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