I'm a Pre-K student in the Dual Language Program at Cedar Brook Elementary. I am learning two languages, English and Spanish. At the beginning of the school year it was very hard for me, not only because I am a 4 year-old, but because I was starting a new experience.

As time passes, I am realizing that learning is much more fun and exciting than I expected. Through songs, rhymes, and stories, I am learning new ways and words to express myself in both English and in Spanish.

By working in different learning centers, I have been able to understand the rules, begin to respect others, learn the daily routine and how to respect classroom materials. The hardest part is taking turns and learning how to share. But of course, I'm working on it.

By interacting in whole group and small group settings with boys and girls like me, I'm learning to respect how they feel, think, and work. Sometimes, it's easier to hit others than to use my words, but I'm working on this, too.

What I really like the most, is that I feel like I'm a part of a group where everyone likes and loves me. Everyone has something to share, and we all learn from each other.

A Pre-K Student at Cedar Brook Elem.

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