Fifth Grade

Fifth grade teachers will motivate and inspire the fifth grade students to rise to high levels of understanding and achievement this year in fifth grade. Teachers will motivate all students to reach their highest potential as learners, readers, writers, mathematicians, scientist and social scientists, and thinkers. Teachers will assess and address each academic need as the year progresses. The fifth grade students will internalize many learning processes and skills needed to be successful in fifth grade and beyond.

 As students venture through literacy, they will discover various strategies to enhance their learning as readers, writers, thinkers, listeners, and communicators. Students will engross themselves in a variety of genre in order to develop a greater understanding of text structures and inferential thinking. Fifth grade students will compose writing pieces and essays for different purposes while revising and editing with the teacher and their peers.

The fifth grade students will conduct varied field investigations, collaborate in scientific inquiry groups, record and interpret data, communicate findings in their interactive science notebooks. Students will navigate through the worlds of: Earth, Life, Physical and Nature of Science. 

Math is everywhere in fifth grade! Our students review basic skills and learn new concepts. Students will have a working knowledge of how to problem solve in real life situation. Hands-on learning is at the heart of 5th grade Mathematics. Students will manipulate their way through whole numbers, fractions, decimals, geometry and be exposed to basic algebra.

Fifth grade students will be introduced to important events in American History from Colonization to the 21st Century. They will further their understanding of American history and geography through: reading, research, collaboration, various media sources and projects.

Technology will be integrated across the curriculum. Student will utilize various software to use in presentations: i.e. PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. They will be taught how to maneuver through search engines provided on the Spring Branch’s Library Resource Page.

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