Student Discipline & Expectations

At Cedar Brook, we want our students to be treated respectfully, and to respect others. Practicing respect and following expectations will help your child be the best student he or she can be. At CBE, our staff members will incorporate Love and Logic strategies in order to shape student behavior. We will give students choices and allow natural consequences to occur whenever possible. In the event of persistent misconduct, teachers will typically follow these steps in order to redirect student misbehavior:

  1. Verbal Message
  2. Verbal Message with Refocusing Time in Room
  3. Verbal Message with Refocusing Time in Partner Teacher’s Room
  4. Verbal Message with Parent Phone Call/Contact
  5. Office Referral


Sometimes persistent or serious misbehavior will result in a visit with a School Administrator.  When this occurs, an administrative consequence may be given. Detention, suspension, or other administrative consequences may be given to students when deemed necessary by the principal or assistant principals. Severe offenses, such as fighting, inappropriately acting-out, or any gang-related behavior, will result in an automatic visit to the Principal’s office. If this occurs, parents will be contacted to discuss the misbehavior and resulting consequences. Teachers may implement additional classroom or grade level consequences in order to correct student misbehavior. Privileges may be given or taken away depending on the nature of the behavior. Please keep your phone numbers and other contact information current as it is important that we are able to reach you in the event of a conduct concern. Our hope is that the calls we make to you are happy calls! Please see the Student/Parent Handbook’s Student Code of Conduct section for more details.