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At Cedar Brook Elementary we have a computer lab The computers are networked, allowing students to have access to the Internet and the file server. The lab has access to Hewlett Packard printers for students and teacher use. In addition to the lab, each classroom has several small devices with access to the Internet (ipads,itouches,netbooks). 

Our library, networked with computers and Istations, that also serves as an additional place where students, teachers, and parents can utilize technology. Our school wide focus is to integrate technology into the curriculum and use technology as a tool that can assist students in their learning. 

In preparation of grade level projects, a collaborative effort is made to connect the Technology TEKS with the content area TEKS. It is essential that we prepare children for the 21st century and help them become lifelong learners and users of technology, remembering connections between curriculum and computers are vital for education. At Cedar Brook, we are continually committed to helping students, teachers, and parents see this vision.

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  • Enrique Ramon - Technology Liaison
  • Joan Foster