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At Cedar Brook Elementary, we focus on the entire child.  Through our Health Fitness program, students not only experience physical activity and health lessons, but also learn how higher-level thinking skills in the Action Based Learning Lab will transfer into the classroom. 
Marla Squires has 30+ years of Health Fitness experience in SBISD.  In her class, students take part in numerous individual and group activities that help build character, teamwork and respect.  Students experience cardiovascular benefits through jogging and develop upper body strength by utilizing the climbing wall and climbing ropes.  Students learn the importance of including physical activity in their daily routine throughout their lifetime.  Mrs. Squires also heads the running club that meets after school on Thursdays. 
Courtney Roberts has 4+ years of Health Fitness experience and will be running the Action Based Learning Lab.  Through different kinesthetic learning activities, students will focus on and improve balance, motor-skill development, spatial awareness, eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, rhythm competency and social interaction.  Using each of these movements in the learning process helps many students retrieve information more efficiently.  For more information, go to  Ms. Roberts will also be working with a nonprofit organization called Girls on the Run after school.  For more information, please go to

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