Gifted and Talented

At CBE, our GT students are offered great opportunities for growth and enrichment. Our goal is to enhance their skills and promote their interests. Primary Gifted Program (PGP) is offered from Kinder to 2nd grade and the GT students in the upper grades (3rd through 5th) attend Bendwood once a week. The GT curriculum includes specific themes in Language

Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies aligned with the SBISD and STAAR objectives. It also promotes the use of Bloom’s

Taxonomy, depth and complexity, and differentiating instruction. At CBE, our teachers work toward excellence, embrace

changes and celebrate diversity by providing our students with opportunities to:

Demonstrate their talents and strengths-

Have their needs covered-

Develop their exceptional abilities and talents-

Attain their goals-

Nurture the love for change, for risk and for thinking “out of the box”-


“Tell a child WHAT to think and you make him a slave to your knowledge. Teach a child HOW to think and you make all

knowledge his slave.” Henry A. Taitt

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  • Stella Aramayo