Third Grade

Third grade is a time to uncover and value the potential of our students. We encourage our children to solve problems by teaching them basic skills and the ability to read clues from their environment to determine what is needed. We view content as a vehicle for developing various forms of intelligence. We value diversity, self-examination, reflection, interdependence and a vision of how to enhance living. Third grade's curriculum focuses upon the interdependence of communities with a focus on Houston's past and present. Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies are integrated into thematic units.

Language Arts
Literacy is the cement that holds our curriculum together. Shared reading, guided reading and literacy groups are utilized to implement the objective of fluent reading and comprehension. Novels are selected to reinforce science and social studies curriculum. Students are taught to be effective writers with emphasis on persuasive, narrative, how-to and classificatory compositions.

Social Studies
In third grade we focus on our community, the Houston metroplex, as a means of investigating how cultures are organized to meet the needs of its citizens. We guide our students in recognizing their personal, social and civic responsibilities. The Tribes model is taught through strategies which create a positive learning environment. Our annual food drive for Houston food pantries is a civic project that enables the students to give back to the community and reinforce the lifeskill of caring. A field trip to Sam Houston Park and the Heritage Society Tour helps us to appreciate the history of our community. We explore economics, the basic functions of government, how laws are made and enforced and the consequences that follow. Our focus country is Egypt, and during the International Week, we listen to guest speakers, have special projects, and sample foods from various countries. Our study of communities culminates with an end of the year project where students build Lego communities that incorporate all facets of a working community.

Math and Science
Math and science are taught as related subject areas. We use the math workshop approach with hands on activities to teach and reinforce concepts. A modified scientific method is utilized in the area of science. We investigate to discover answers to challenging questions. The children have an opportunity to test their ability to observe and draw conclusions. Technology assists us in discovering and recording our findings. Research allows us to become resourceful and productive learners. Application of knowledge is our goal. We create Butterfly Habitats to view the life cycle of insects, create Logo machines while investigating Simple Machines, and conduct experiments to explore concept studies.

Third grade is a great place to be! We see ourselves as a transition year from Primary to Intermediate expectations.