Second Grade

Second grade is a time for building more creative, independent thinkers. Our readers grow in comprehension, application and connection as they read more complex stories that require them to make connections with the characters in the stories. A focus on great literature helps them to apply the ideas from books to their real lives. As this happens they take off in writing. We work to help our children think like writers, focusing on traits of good writing, and providing lots of practice and interactive conferencing so they can truly say, “I can be the author of my own life story!” Their math skills also mature as they work with larger numbers, focusing on patterns of place value, and addition and subtraction of numbers all the way up to 999. We also build new ideas in the content areas by integrating science and social studies with rich literature and hands-on activities. Second grade is such an important year of mastering basic skills and connecting big ideas to build a solid foundation for third grade Language Arts.

Language Arts
The main focus of second grade is reading. Reading strategies and skills are taught through a Balanced Literacy approach. Shared reading, guided reading, independent reading and literacy centers are all part of every student’s weekly reading program. In addition to reading done at school, students are expected to read at least fifteen minutes each night. 

Writing is another important part of our Language Arts. Students are exposed to many genres of writing. Students use the writing processes as a goal towards final copy and publication. Sentence structure, grammar and elaboration are taught daily through mini-lessons and authentic writing.

Math is taught through mini-lessons and math work stations.    Students are introduced to a concept or skill through mini-lessons and open-ended discovery centers that challenge every child. Each child concentrates on mastering the basic skills of addition and subtraction before moving on to the complicated processes. The goal is for students to master number sense through curriculum strands that include whole number operations, and computations, fractions, algebraic thinking, geometry, probability and statistics and measurements.

Social Studies and Science
Our social studies and science units are integrated in our reading and writing workshops. Second graders learn through an array of strategies such as projects, experiments and community building activities. The main emphasis of the second grade social studies is community, laws, geography, American heroes and economics. The science curriculum addresses concepts such as weather, clouds, water cycle, plants, habitats and balance and motion.

With our technology project, Classroom Wired our teachers create a culture that supports and reinforces innovative student learning. Our technology enables teachers to personalize their teaching to meet the abilities of each learner by differentiating traditional instructional media and materials which are often inflexible and not amenable to individualization.

Our technology aligns the classroom environment with real world environments by infusing innovative 21st century skills into our teaching and learning through the use of Macbook, iPod touch, Flip Videos, Dell laptops and Canon digital cameras. This transforms student learning by giving them a sense of purpose, rather than seeming like just another academic exercise, and giving them authentic experiences that build their confidence for the future. 

Though second grade is a year of review and reinforcement of basic skills, it is also a year of new challenges for all students, through differentiated instruction with exploration and open-ended challenge centers.