In kindergarten we aim to create self-motivated, life-long learners! Through a developmentally appropriate, integrated curriculum we address the social/emotional, intellectual, aesthetic and physical development of each child. The autonomy, self-esteem and success of each child is encouraged and nurtured.

Kindergarten students receive instruction in language arts, math, science, social studies, music, art and health fitness. Throughout the day children are engaged in a variety of activities that allow opportunities for learning, friendship and fun!

Language Arts in kindergarten is addressed through a balanced literacy program in which children are instructed through whole group, small group and individual instruction. Children are immersed in a variety of reading, writing, and phonemic awareness experiences in a print rich environment. Literacy centers provide opportunities for children to practice their skills and engage in word work independently and with others.

In math kindergarten students learn to express themselves as problem solvers. Children are instructed through hands on lessons in which they interact with materials to find solutions independently and while working in cooperative groups. Areas of instruction include: counting, patterning, sorting, graphing, measurement, combining and separating sets, geometry and problem solving.

Our kindergarten scientists will explore major areas of study: magnetism, rocks/soil/water, and plants. Science lessons are enhanced through field trips and hands on experiences so that students can make connections and apply learning to their lives.

Social studies areas of study include: citizenship, American symbols, patriotic holidays, homes, family traditions, continents, cowboys/Texas, and economics. Through these studies children learn about themselves, their state, country and continent. Students are taught social skills to support their social and emotional growth through songs, stories and whole group lessons.

Kindergarten is an exciting and active year for our youngest Bunker Hill Lions!