Fourth Grade

The main focus of fourth grade is to teach students to become organized and responsible learners. Through the Life Skills program, fourth graders are taught to construct a friendly, cooperative and safe learning community for all students. Students will do their own record keeping and are responsible for assignment deadlines. We model the routine from middle school, in which students will maintain a Homework Assignment Spiral and an organized binder. The Homework Assignment Spiral is not only a method of organization, but also a means of daily communication between the classroom and parents concerning objectives, homework, tests. etc.

Language Arts
Language arts includes writing, reading and oral communication, with a primary focus on elaborative compositions. Students will read novels for classroom study. At this level, students become involved through discussion in many of life's critical issues. Students will follow the writer's workshop approach and learn to elaborate, proofread, revise and publish their compositions. They learn the four major writing modes: sequential (how-to), classificatory (compare/contrast and advantage/disadvantage), persuasive and narrative (story). Fourth graders also refine their grammar skills through daily oral language mini-lessons. Computers will be used to compose, revise, store add graphics, change fonts and spell-check compositions. Basic proofreading and grammar skills will be stressed.

Mathematics focuses on six strands of thinking: developing algebraic thinking, measurement, probability and statistics, fractions and decimals, geometry and operations and computations. They focus on learning to value the process of mathematics as well as the product. Through the use of manipulatives, math concepts are introduced at a concrete level. From the concrete, they are taught to make the transition to abstract representation and thinking. Students will be taught ten strategies for problem solving. Thinking steps and logical reasoning will be emphasized. Students are given the opportunity to explore and enrich what has been taught through math workshops.

Social Studies and Science
Social studies and science are taught in a learner-centered, thematic environment. Students will complete performance tasks, group projects and write research papers. They will apply their language arts skills when using reference materials, taking notes, conducting oral presentations and writing their reflections.