First Grade

The primary goal of first grade is to develop a lifelong love of learning! During the first few weeks, first graders adjust to a busy day of school. They learn to organize their supplies and develop responsibility by bringing a daily planner and folder to and from school each day. Classroom behavior and homework assignments are noted on a daily basis in this planner.

Language Arts
A very important part of first grade is becoming a successful reader! We enjoy a variety of print such as songs, poems, chants, storybooks, big books, chapter books and word walls. Reading instruction is taught in small guided reading groups. At BHE, we teach children reading strategies focusing on visual and structural cues, as well as comprehension. Through all of this, students learn how to be successful, happy and proficient readers!

Writing is another integral part of our curriculum. Our goal is for children to write using correct spacing, capitalization and punctuation, with high frequency words spelled correctly. We write in a variety of genres including journals, friendly letters, personal narratives, persuasive essays, poetry and research.

We teach math in a hands-on workshop format. Students are introduced to a concept skill through mini-lessons and workstations that challenge every child. The goal is for students to master curriculum strands that include numerical reasoning, algebraic reasoning, geometry, measurement, probability & statistics, and problem solving strategies.

Social Studies and Science
We have fun with social studies and science! In social studies, we learn about ourselves and the immediate world around us, such as families, communities, states and countries. Our units include: Citizenship & Community, Atlas Joe on the Go, America the Beautiful, Friends Near & Far, Home Sweet Home (Texas), and A Penny for Your Thoughts.

The students love our spectacular science units. Our young scientists learn all about Cycles, Rocks & Soil, Solids & Liquids, and Insects.

The highlight of First Grade is the performance of "Bugz". This has been a tradition at Bunker Hill for over 5 years, and it is a much anticipated event!

First Graders love using technology in our classrooms! Each student will build a foundation of basic computer skills and vocabulary. Students will independently use EasyTech, Odyssey and BrainPOP Jr.

Your first grader will be very proud to show you their amazing Texas Symbols Photo Story at their student-led conference in the spring. It will include slides created in PowerPoint, self-created music and narration explaining the importance of each state symbol.

First Grade Cheer
First grade is the place to be!