Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is the culminating year where students utilize the foundation built in the previous years. Using an integrated approach to curriculum and the latest research on brain compatible learning, fifth grade teachers guide the students to become self-directed learners. The teachers recognize that each student has all of the seven intelligences and activities are planned to incorporate each one. We are very excited this year also to incorporate many interactive activities with the use of their new ActivBoards and Activvotes. These tools will be extremely valuable in the teaching of our fifth grade curriculum. We like to keep the lines of communication open, so please feel free to email us with any questions you may have!

The students in fifth grade have the opportunity to learn real science.  We use the Full Option Science System (FOSS), which is a carefully planned and coordinated science curriculum.  FOSS is a researched based, classroom-tested program that helps students learn through hands on science.  We have four units:  Solar Energy, Landforms, Mixtures and Solutions, and Environments.

Social Studies
The fifth grade Social Studies curriculum centers around United States history beginning with colonization in the 1600's and ending with the 20th Century. The focus is on understanding the concepts behind critical events in U.S. history.  Language Arts writing objectives are incorporated in the Social Studies curriculum.

Language Arts
The fifth grade language arts curriculum is closely integrated with social studies units. Research is a large component of fifth grade where students choose meaningful topics, learn how to take notes, paraphrase and present information. Students are provided opportunities to write and edit with peers and respond critically to literature through a variety of methods.  Participation in book clubs gives students the opportunity to discuss and analyze literature with their peers while fostering a love for reading!

In mathematics, fifth graders are becoming adept problem solvers. They study place value, operations, fractions, decimals, measurement, probability, statistics and geometry. Manipulatives, math journals and real life applications are utilized to ensure understanding of the math process. Students are expected to know all of their multiplication and division facts.  Math is often integrated with the Science curriculum.

In an effort to develop the skills necessary for middle school, fifth graders are expected to organize their materials and equipment and do their own record keeping. In addition, they are responsible for keeping an assignment planner and meeting deadlines. The planner should be signed every Tuesday night to ensure parent awareness of homework and activities. Open lines of communication are kept between Bunker Hill and the future middle schools of our students.