Each year we come closer to our vision of 21st Century Technology at Bunker Hill. After much research and investigation, through experts such as Alan November, John Marzano and Sir Ken Robinson, it is apparent that the classroom that was created by the Industrial Revolution is no longer adequate for the Technological Age in which we live. Our are facing a world of diverse technology and global communication. Research shows that the use of 21st Century technological tools, such as the interactive whiteboard, do have a positive impact on student learning.

Current Status of Technology at Bunker Hill

1.    4-5 desktop computers per classroom (K-3)

2.    Mobile cart for each grade level.

3.    Itouches and Mac books in second grade.

4.    Desktop and Dell 5500 laptops in fourth grade.

4.    Itouches and Netbooks in fifth grade

5.     Desktops, Itouches, Macbooks, Netbooks and Ipads in library

6.    Desktop computers being slowly phased out

7.    Interactive Whiteboard in 1st through 5th and science and music rooms.

8.    All teachers using Interactive Whiteboards ( varying levels of use and expertise)

9. Live televised broadcast, every morning, with cameras, video Mixer, audio mixer, operated by fifth grade students.


Where Are We Going?

1.  Itouches, Netbooks and/or Macbooks in every classroom

2. “11 Things” Staff Development for all Teachers

3.  Taking use of Interactive Whiteboards to the Next Level

4.   Developing the 21st Century Classrooms