Mad Science

Mad Science is a tuition based program that is offered to grades K-5 at Bunker Hill. It is taught on Monday afternoons from 3:05-4:15. Mad Science, which has become a very popular enrichment program, offers a variety of science topics which are designed to spark imaginative learning. These include:

  • Acids and Bases
  • Dry Ice
  • Laser Light
  • Matter of Fact
  • Rocket Building I & II
  • Space . . .The Final Frontier
  • Rocket Demo


Students can register for the fall or spring session or both. Mad Science is taught in the very updated Bunker Hill science lab by very qualified instructors, using an inquiry based approach. All supplies and materials are included, and there is a take-home activity each week. Students have an opportunity to turn on their brain instead of the t.v.