Jogging Club

Bunker Hill has an after-school jogging club that includes first through fifth grade students. Any student and their parents can participate. Kindergarten students may participate if they are accompanied by a parent. Jogging Club takes place on Monday afternoons from 3:10-4:00 pm. Students can walk or jog for 40 minutes. Students are able to count their laps,using an organized system, where students are called in by grade level to record the number of laps. These laps are computed into miles, and students and health fitness teachers keep a running record of miles run by each student throughout the school year. The purpose of Jogging Club is to motivate students and to promote health fitness, especially cardio vascular fitness. Thus far at Bunker Hill, the Jogging Club has been very successful and has a lot of participation. The health fitness department of Bunker Hill encourages new membership each year of students, parents and Bunker Hill faculty and staff. We hope to see you out on the tracks!