Reading Incentive Program

Each year at Bunker Hill the faculty and staff make every effort to motivate and encourage students to read, both for the joy of reading and the love of learning. Bunker Hill stays abreast of the latest in reading strategies, including those of John O'Flahavan, who has done staff development on reading at Bunker Hill for the past two years. Some of those strategies, which are practiced in Bunker Hill classrooms include:

  1. Books and a Bite
  2. Book Clubs
  3. Self Determining Reading
  4. Guided Reading
  5. Readers in the Wild


In addition to these reading strategies, Bunker Hill staff sponsors the "Books and Breakfast Club" every Thursday morning from 7:00-7:45 am. Students and teachers meet in small groups for breakfast and book discussions of teacher and student selected books. Students and faculty are accountable for reading the book selections and for sharing their thoughts and insights about the books. The "Books and Breakfast Club" has become  a very popular Bunker Hill program.

Bunker Hill parents and teachers support reading by participating in a home reading program as well as two Book Fairs each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The fall Book Fair is a big affair, which lasts for a week at a time. There is typically a new theme each year and includes the sale of hundreds of books, author presentations and book signings, Family Night and Special Pals Day.