One of the highlights each day at Bunker Hill is the live televised broadcast presented by the BHE TV program. Under the direction of the BHE Production team, Debbie Seldenthuis and Fred Keinz, a crew of fifth grade students takes charge each day to present the daily news. The broadcast crew arrives at the studio in the library media center at 7:45 each day. These students have experiences with BHE TV that they have nowhere else on campus. These experiences incude:

  • Operating a video or audio mixer
  • Giving the daily weather report
  • Learning the parts and operation of video cameras
  • Speaking in front of an audience as a live television anchor with an actual script
  • Sometimes speaking impromptu
  • Setting up equipment including lights, microphones and props


The process is the same as a real live television studio! In addition to the United States, Texas and Resolution of Respect pledges, daily announcements are made each day, along with a potpourri of special features including science, math, social studies, art, music, and literature. BHE TV focuses on Bunker Hill students and what's happening in their classrooms. You may see anything from a taped session to a live interview, or a holiday special and special PTA news events. One of the favorites of students and teachers is "VidiYou", a special video which features students and teachers caught in the act of being themselves. One of the most memorable highlights of BHE TV was a a live broadcast from the BHE TV studio for Houston Channel 2 news. Headed up by meteorologist and reporter, Bill Bellis, Bunker Hill students, faculty and parents were broadcast live from 5:00-7:00 am., with BHE TV as the focus of the broadcast. Channel 2 featured everything from science experiments, with live earthworms, to the fifth grade choir students. It was an exciting day for Bunker Hill students, staff and parents. BHE TV, which began the second semester of the 1999-2000 school year, continues to grow each year. Supported by the Bunker Hill PTA, its greatest gift to Bunker Hill Elementary is a schoolwide bond and the positive climate felt by all.