Student Safety and Security - A Top Priority

Bad Weather: Is School Open?

As we all know, weather on the Gulf Coast of Texas can be anything but predictable! In the event of inclement weather, listen to your local radio or TV stations for information about school closings or go directly to the district website:

In the event of an emergency, Spring Branch ISD will also initiate an automated phone call alerting parents of school closures or delays. Please be sure to keep your contact information updated with your campus at all times. Spring Branch ISD will also post information on our main telephone number at: (713) 251-2000.

Who Provides District/Campus Security?

The Spring Branch ISD Police Department oversees security for the school district.  Full-time officers patrol schools and assist in investigations and provide security and law enforcement services at athletic and after-hours special events such as football games and graduation.

  • Spring Branch ISD employs a team to monitor surveillance cameras and serve as a centralized dispatch to campuses.
  • Video surveillance systems in schools help administrators monitor campus activity.


Bunker Hill Emergency Procedures:

Early Dismissal Procedures Due to Emergency

  • Immediately upon hearing of the need to dismiss early, all classes will go into lock-down mode, meaning that the students and teacher are to stay in the classroom and should not open the door to anyone other than school personnel. (Assuming that it is safe to so, all students away from their homerooms - specials, Dyslexia, etc. will return to their homeroom and stay with their teacher.)
  • Non-homeroom staff members will facilitate the car-rider dismissal process.


Car-rider Dismissal Process:

  • All parents will be directed to the cafeteria only. (They may not go into the ofice or wait in the front foyer, or go to the classroom to retrieve their child.)
  • Staff members will set up check-out stations in the cafeteria.


Check-Out Stations:

  • Sign-Out Table - Staff members will check permission for each child to be released and pass the parent to one of two tables, the Monitor Station or the the Phone Confirmation Station.
  • Phone Confirmation Station - (If the person must call the parent to get permission to take the child) - The parent does not receive an "exit slip" until s/he obtains verbal permission to take athe childe at the phone confirmation station. Explanation: Staff members will have individuals contact the parent of the child(ren) they want to take via their personal cell phones, and then speak to the parent and get verbal permission to release the child. They will note with whom they spoke and the child(ren) they are releasing in a log. If the parent gives permission, they will fil out an "exit slip" and send the parent to the monitor station. If they are unable to obtain permission from the custodial parent, the other parents will not be allowed to take the child.
  • Monitor Station: (If the person is approved on the yellow card) - The parent will be given an "exit slip" for the child s/ he or she needs. Explanation: Staff members will send "runners" to the classrooms by handing them the "exit slips" from the parents. There will be at least one runner assigned to each grade level. No parents will be allowed to leave the cafeteria and retrieve their child(ren).
  • If early dismissal continues through regular dismissal times, we will continue with the above-mentioned procedures in order to account for all children. Parents will not be allowed to go to room and retrieve their children.


Homeroom teachers will facilitate the bus dismissal process:

  • All bus-riders will remain in their homerooms until buses are released (which may or may not be at the regular dismissal time.)
  • If and when buses are released to transport students home, an announcement will be made over the PA system for teachers to prepare their bus-riders.
  • Grade level teams will designate one teacher to take bus-riders to their home. (Another team member will cover that teacher's classroom.)
  • Buses will be called over the PA in the order of arrival. As each bus is called, the teacher in charge of the bus-riders from each team will go class-to-class and collect all of the riders for the current bus and load them onto the bus. For example, if the Red Bus is at school and ready to be loaded, the PA will announce, "Red Bus riders may be dismissed at this time." At that time, the teacher will take all of the Red Bus riders to the bus and then go back to her classroom and wait for the next bus to be announced.
  • The Administrative Assistant will monitor the emergency radio and television stations from the front office and update the Principal and Assistant Principal, as appropriate.
  • The Principal and Assistant Principal will problem-solve from the office. (No parent will be allowed to enter the office area.)
  • Walkers and bike-riders may not go home without first contacting their parents. The teacher will call these parents from the classroom to find out how the student will go home.
  • The school will provide PBJ sandwiches for students if it gets late.
  • All staff involved in the late duty and /or dismissal process will familiarize themselves with the needs of students with serious health conditions and act accordingly.