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At Bunker Hill Elementary, each individual child is a winner, and we strive to make each student see themselves as a winner, in order to build self-esteem. We teach health and fitness as a way of life, as opposed to only sports skills, by exercising children’s attitudes, minds and body through physical activity. We teach group cooperation, as well as individuality, while educating them to be graceful losers and grateful winners. Fundamentals for a healthy way of life are our goals and the philosophy by which we teach and believe.

Many of the activities that we do through the year represent these fundamental goals. There is an after school Jogging Club for those students and parents who wish to stay in shape by walking or jogging around our quarter mile, hard-top track. In the Fall, our fifth grade students can participate in the annual Faculty vs 5th grade Volleyball Tournament and in the Spring, they have a chance to take part in the Spring Branch ISD Track Meet, held every year.

Other activities include Jump Rope for the Heart, Jingle Bell Fun Run, Western Day, Field Day and the Bunker Hill Elementary Track Meet for third, fourth and fifth graders. The health fitness program at Bunker Hill Elementary has many activities for all of the children regardless of their level of skill and expertise. 

In Health Fitness we are diligently working with the students at Bunker Hill to assist them in becoming exemplary students and citizens by making appropriate choices. We have 4 class rules that we call priorities.  They are as follows: 1. SAFETY  2. Proper use and care of equipment 3. Play Fair --F=follow directions; A=always try your best; I= include everyone and R=respect. 4. Have fun. We explain to the students that the priorities must stay in order. In other words, you can’t jump to number 4 and have fun if it is not safe and you are not using the equipment properly or playing fair. 

FitnessGram testing includes recording data for 3-5th grade students. The data is then collected by the district who sends the results to the state. We begin teaching the test components in Kindergarten to allow the student’s time to develop the proper technique to be able to do the skills correctly and with measured success. In Spring Branch we test flexibility, strength and endurance by measuring. By putting all the students data in the fitnessgram program along with the students height and weight, the program dissimilates the data and the students and parents get a copy of the results. The fall testing is a pretest and the spring testing is a posttest. We gather data using curl ups, back saver sit and reach, shoulder stretch, push ups, trunk lift, and the 20 meter pacer test.  We strive for students to work toward their personal best and learning the value of living a healthy lifestyle.

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