5th Grade Safety Patrols

Welcome to the BCE Safety Patrol Page! We are here to assist in maintaining the safety of our school.

Safety Patrols are selected twice a year, at the end of the fall semester and again at the end of the spring semester. The fall patrols are selected during a student's 4th grade year. All students are welcome to submit an application, and the names are then put into a lottery. Then, in November the 5th graders are given applications to submit for the spring semester.

Patrols are expected to serve as a role model and as a good example of appropriate behavior for other children in the school.


Messages for the Patrols can be found here...


BCE Safety Patrols | Padlet

"Safety is as simple as A-B-C.
Always Be Careful."

Spring 2017 Patrols

Jesus A.
Angie B.
Briana B.
Elijah C.
Vanessa C.
Mya C.
Karen C.
Vanessa E.
Arlene F.
Enrique F.
Kevin F.
Angel G.
Henry G.
Aracely M.
Pedro M.
Jennifer M.
Emily M.
Edson N.
Annie N.
Thy N.
Alejandra P.
Juanita R.
Angela S.
Veronica S.
Alexa V.