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Laura Aleman - Bilingual Teacher

My name is Laura Aleman. I was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. I’m the 8th of a family of 10 sisters and 4 brothers.  We learned grit from our wonderful parents. Despite their limited education, they were still able to model determination, persistency and perseverance.

In México I got my first degree as an Elementary School Teacher in 1978. Later I finished my second degree as a Middle Education Teacher in the Mathematics Specialty in 1985. Also, I attended the National Pedagogic University for 2 years in 1992. Finally, in order to obtain my Teacher Certification in USA, I attended in Monterrey, México the Regiomontana University in 1999, and The University of St. Thomas here in Houston from 2000 to 2001. Now I hold my Certifications as a Classroom teacher for: Bilingual/ESL–Spanish (Grades 1–6), Elementary Self-Contained (Grades 1–6), and Generalist (Grades EC–4).


“The perfect teacher is one who inspires and encourages learning”