Nancy Castillo

Emma Franco

Lan Dang

Manuel Rojano

Courtney Allen

Laura Aleman

Second Grade 

 Second Grade is the year we work on building confident, independent workers and thinkers.

 Our 2nd Graders are expected to:
B e the best they can be
U se their thinking skills
F ollow directions
F ind topics for their writing
A chieve their goals
L ove learning new things
O rganize their materials
C are about their learning
R espect themselves and each other
E xpress their feelings appropriately
E xplain what they have learned
K now that they are GREAT!
In Social Studies, we study citizenship, patriotism, communities, leaders, the environment, maps and globes, heroes, and economics.
In Reading, we study Comprehension Strategies such as making connections, asking questions, inferring, visualizing, determining importance, summarizing, and synthesizing.
In Writing, we study choosing good topics, examples of good children’s literature, and the basics of grammar to allow students to become authors of their own books.
In Math, we study problem-solving, addition, subtraction, place value, time, money, geometry, fractions, measurement, graphs, and probability.
In Science, we study safety, matter, force, energy, motion, magnets, rocks, weather, and living organisms and their habitats.
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