Welcome to First Grade!

First grade is an academic level where students strengthen their foundation in reading, math, science, and social studies.  It is without a doubt the reason why this grade staff is dynamic and multiskilled.  It is made up of a group highly qualified teachers who create a positive, structured, learning, and safe environment allowing multiple opportunities of success for ALL students.  They also value the importance of Multiple Intelligences and therefore accommodate different learning styles into the lessons for gifted students, English language learners, and special education students.  As means of teaching to the whole child they promote parent teacher partnerships, monitor student progress and attend educational trainings and workshops for professional growth.  As a result, students learn and develop the necessary skills to be promoted and become productive citizens.




Language Arts

Our main goal in 1st grade is to lay the foundation for our students to become successful readers and writers.


Reading instruction is taught in small Guided Reading groups. At the beginning of the year our students read at a level 4, by mid year at a level 12. By the end of the year we expect them to be reading at a level 18 or above. During our Guided reading instruction we work on the students' individual  needs with emphasis on the development of comprehension. Reading strategies, fluency and voice are taught as well. Our 1st graders love to read and we make sure that they have access to many books and opportunities to read. At BCE we even have a Tiny Library outside the school. Our students  can come and check out books at any given time.


Our Writing goal is for our 1st graders to write in complete sentences using correct spacing, capitalization and punctuation. We also write Narrative stories with a beginning, middle and end.  Our Expository writing is integrated with our Social Studies and Science instructional themes. Our 1st graders also write in journals and compose friendly letters. 

Grammar and phonics are also taught daily for the development of our students' oral language.



Artes del Lenguaje

Nuestra meta en 1 grado es de sembrar las destrezas basicas para que nuestros estudiantes  tengan exito como lectores y escritores.

La lectura se ensena en grupos pequenos durante la Lectura Guiada. Al principio del ano , nuestros estudiantes leen a un nivel 4, un nivel 12 a medio ano y al final de 1 grado los estudiantes deberan de estar leyendo a un nivel 18 o mas. Durante la Lectura Guiada trabajamos en desarrolar estrategias que ayudan a ser mejores lectores como fluidez y  la comprencion . Nuestros estudiantes tienen mucho amor por la lectura y nosotros como maestros de 1 grado, les ofrecemos libros y oportunidades para leer constantemente. Por ejemplo, en BCE tenemos una "Pequena Biblioteca" afuera de la escuela para que nuestros estudiantes puedan prestar libros para leer.


Escritura - Nuestra meta es que nuestros estudiantes escriban en oraciones completas. Ellos deben saber como separar sus palabras en la oracion, usar mayuscula y punto final cuando es necesario. Tambien escribimos historias narrativas con un principio, medio y final. Nuestros estudiantes escriben temas expositivos de acuerdo al tema de Estudios Sociales o Ciencias Naturales que estemos aprendiendo. Diarios y cartas tambien son parte de la escritura.


Gramatica y fonetica se ensena para desarrollar el lenguaje oral de nuestros estudiantes de 1 grado.




In Social Studies, students first learn the characteristics to being a good citizen which include learning rules and routines. We move to learning about different traditions and cultures, their similarities and differences. The students also learn about traditions and cultures through fairytales and fables. In the 3rd nine weeks we learn what the American Symbols are along with their meaning. Students will begin to learn about good citizens and inventors and how these people have contributed to America. The students will learn Texas symbols as well. In the 4th 9 weeks, students will learn about Economics. Students will learn the differences between wants and needs, how people trade and buy things and create their own business.



1st Nine Weeks

Scientists, weather, seasons, characteristics of day and night, 5 Senses, Matter: solids.

2nd Nine Weeks

Matter: solids and liquids. Energy: heat, light, sound. Magnets. Motion

3rd Nine Weeks

Natural resources. Products made from rocks, soil, and water. Types of soil. Living and nonliving things. Plants. Mammal: human life cycle.

4th Nine Weeks

Habitat, food chain, external characteristics of animals, life cycles of animals: Chicken, Frog, Fish.



1ra. Nueve semanas

Cientifícos, clima (tiempo), las estaciones del año, características del día y la noche, los 5 sentidos, materia: sólidos.

2da. Nueve semanas

Materia: sólidos y líquidos. Energía: calor, luz, sonido. Imanes. Movimiento.

3ra. Nueve semanas

Recursos naturales. Productos hechos con rocas, tierra y agua. Tipos de suelo. Seres vivos y cosas sin vida. Mamíferos: ciclo de vida del ser humano.

4ta. Nueve semanas

Habitat, cadenas alimenticias, características externas de los animals. Ciclo de vida de animals: pollo, rana, pez.

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If you would like to contact one of our ESL Teachers through email or phone:

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