Parental Involvement Policy:
                                    Recognizing that parent and community involvement are essential in promoting student achievement; The Bear Blvd School forms an alliance with parents in developing a home-school partnership. This is outlined in our Home/School compact which was developed by parents, teachers and children. The instructional program, including the state guidelines for Prekindergarten, SBISD required assessments, and children’s progress will be communicated throughout the year. Through special scheduled activities, parents will have numerous opportunities to participate and be involved in their children’s learning.
                        Attendance & Absences:
                                    Spring Branch ISD schools are in session a minimum of 178 days. Elementary students must be present 90% of the year to be promoted. Prekindergarten children are required to attend school once they are enrolled. Their attendance then becomes compulsory. All absences, excused or unexcused, determine promotion. SBISD emphasizes that attendance is a key in the enhancement of student achievement. Parents, by law, are accountable for their child’s attendance. Please refer to the Elementary Student/Parent Handbook.
The instructional day begins at 8:15 AM. Students arriving to school after 8:15 AM are tardy and the adult will need to sign in the front office to get a pass for the student to go to class. Official attendance is taken daily during the second hour of instruction. All children not present when roll is taken are counted absent. At Bear Blvd School, attendance is recorded at 9:30 AM every day.
State law, as well as local policy, identifies several typed of absences. Please refer to the Elementary Student/Parent Handbook, p. H-2 for “Excused” and “Unexcused” absences.
Upon return to school after an absence, the parent/guardian must send a note or email to school which includes:
  •  Date(s) of absence;
  •  Cause of absence; and
  •  Signature of the parent/guardian.
If a note is not received within two (2) school days of a student’s return, the student’s absence will be considered unexcused. REVISE THIS: When a child has been absent for 3 days, the teacher should telephone the parent to determine the reason for the absence. Please inform our Attendance Specialist who will be better prepared to monitor any child whose absence might require a referral to the Truancy Reduction Increased Attendance Team (TRIAT) of SBISD.
                        Bear Blvd Homework Policy:
                                    Parents are essential partners in students’ learning and we appreciate all you do at home to maximize your child’s academic success.
Spring Branch ISD homework policy states: “The purpose of all types of homework shall be to promote high quality student learning and achievement. Homework is an out of classroom learning experience assigned by a teacher to enhance student learning. Homework shall be reviewed by teachers to ensure an accurate assessment of students’ skills and knowledge to better direct them toward their learning goals.” 
To accommodate the needs of our PK children, we will not have mandated homework of any kind sent home this year. Instead, we ask that you enjoy the following activities to encourage independence within your child and contribute to school success:
·        Share a book with your child each evening
·        Be sure your child gets 10-12 hours of sleep each night
·        Provide a space and materials for your child to draw or write creatively
Additionally, we have attached a calendar of activities that you may do at home to enhance your child’s school experience. We will send additional calendars at the beginning of each month. Occasionally, opportunities to participate in voluntary family projects will also be sent home.
Thank you for all you do to support our program.