Transfer Application - Approved Offers

All applicant families, please read the following information carefully:
While preparing to proceed through the transfer timeline and make school offers, a change has been made within the application. Previously, the application included only the offer of the highest ranked transfer request. In the spirit of transparency, the applications now include all approved offers. Upon receipt of an offer, applicants will only be able to make one choice. Once an offer is accepted, any other offer from a campus will be rescinded. Please choose carefully, as your decision to accept or decline may open a seat for another student on the wait-list.

If you have further questions, please contact the office of Academic Performance and Support.

Renewal Application

Any parent requesting a renewal application for a student currently on transfer to an SBISD school may do so through Schoolmint beginning Monday, April 3rd, 2017, at  Please contact your student’s school if you have questions regarding the renewal process.

Criteria for Transfers

Student transfers are available for Spring Branch ISD Employees, residents of Spring Branch ISD who wish to attend a different school within SBISD other than their zoned campus, and any non-resident of Spring Branch ISD that wish to attend any of our campuses.

All applicants for student transfers must meet the criteria set forth by the Board of Trustees in compliance with policy FDA Local. Students must continue to meet said criteria for the entire scholastic year.

Transfers are for one scholastic year and must be renewed within the spring semester of the transfer year. Transfers may be non-renewed for failure to meet the criteria identified in FDB Local.

All transfers are granted under the condition that the applied campus has the available space to receive a transfer. Spring Branch ISD reserves the right to deny any transfer for lack of space.

The Transfer Application Process:

  • Parents will register and apply for transfers using the School Mint Program.
  • Required Documents: Student’s 1st semester report card. Student’s 1st semester attendance report.
  • Applications must have required documents in order to be considered submitted.
  • Transfer requests will be separated into 3 categories: Employees, Residents, or Non-Residents
  • Available seats will be selected in the following preferential order, Employees, Residents and Non-Residents.


General Documents:


Apply for a Student Transfer Using SchoolMint:


A $50 application processing fee is required with all applications.  In order for an application to be considered complete, payment must be made by the end of the school day on March 10.  Payments can be made in the Office of Academic Performance and Support in the Wayne Schaper Leadership Building or at any of the three schools a transfer application is submitted.  The processing fee is waived for residents and eligible employees of Spring Branch ISD.