Friday, June 22, 2018


The Academy of Choice offers many flexible options.


1. Can I attend the Academy of Choice (AOC) Day School but still graduate from my zoned school? 
Yes, that is the way it works. You can attend the AOC Day School on site or participate in any number of program options to earn credit, but still be accountable to and graduate from your zoned school.
2. Can I take classes at AOC in addition to my zoned school classes?  
Yes, it is an excellent way to earn more or recover lost credits. Simply sign up for classes that occur after your regular school day (the After School Program, Night School or Virtual High School )
3. Can I work on and attend my virtual classes from home? 
Yes, just make sure you log on everyday and complete every task to be successful. Tests are taken and proctored on campus. Virtual classes are excellent opportunities for students who want to move through the coursework on their own time schedule.
4. Can I continue to represent my zoned school in extra-curricular activities while attending the AOC Day School, Freshman Cohort or any other program offered at AOC? 
Yes, however, you will have to provide your own transportation from AOC back to your zoned campus.







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