Saturday, June 23, 2018


Attendance Guidelines 

Office Hours- 7:30am- 4:00 pm


§Call (713.251.1500) or email as early as possible with your student's name and reason for their absence in order for their attendance records to be updated before the automated call system calls/emails you with a reminder.


§Please include your student’s Name as it is in Skyward and their ID number when reporting the student’s absence.


§Written parental permission is mandatory FOR ALL STUDENTS before student’s can be dismissed from class and before they can sign out.

§Please have your student turn in their note every morning in order to be dismissed on time.


§Parent emails, calls and faxes are acceptable as permission to leave campus.


§When signing out your student please use the designated binder labeled, “Student Sign-in/out”. Please follow all instructions at the top of the sheet, the last column is designated for a Parent Signature.


§Students have 2 days to turn in all notes, emails suffice as parent notes however, unless a doctor's note is received (within the 2 days) the absence will still count towards loss of credit.

§Be sure to get your Family Access (Parent Portal) access codes to see your student's attendance records in detail and real time under the Attendance by Day tab.


§Daily bell schedules are posted on the home screen.


§Students are not dismissed during State Mandated testing.