Wednesday, May 23, 2018


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We have the solutions to your students' unique curricular and graduation needs:

Students needing a few credits to graduate can:
  • Take an online course during school at the home campus or at home after school.
  • Take additional face to face and online classes on our campus after the regular school day at their campus. Select classes are available from 4:00 – 7:00pm.
  • Take a Mini-mester course at the end of each semester and earn elective course credit in two weeks.
Students needing to recover lost credit can:
  • Take online courses that are diagnostic, monitored by online teachers  as well as course liaisons that can be taken on your campus or at the AOC. These courses have open entry start times and open exit stop times. 
  • Take fall courses online in the spring (A semester courses) and/or spring courses online in the fall (B semester courses).
Students with unusual time commitments can:
  • Design a course schedule that works within their time constraints.
Students who need a unique environment to meet their academic needs can:
  • Benefit from small class size and experience diagnostic individualized academic plans to address learning gaps. 
  • Enhance their educational experience with Problem Based Learning, a technology focused curriculum, and alternative assessments.


Student Netbook Program: