Tuesday, May 22, 2018


About Me

Hello! I am Brooke Fernandez. I graduated from Rice University with a degree in English and a degree in history. I have been teaching students in English, English as a Second Language, and social studies since 1989.  My career has taken me from Spring Branch (Go, Bears! Go, Lions! Go, Raiders!) to the Philippines (Go, Tarsiers!) to Katy (Go, Bulldogs!), and I am happy to be back where I started in the Spring Branch community again. My classes at Academy of Choice are English I/II and English 10 in our Phoenix Program. It is an honor to work with the amazing students and faculty I get to see every day at AOC/Phoenix.

Contact Information

Classroom #: A11

Email: Brooke.Fernandez@springbranchisd.com

(713) 251-1582

Conference Time: 8:00-9:20

Brooke Fernandez