Board Meetings

The Board of Trustees participates in a variety of meetings. Each of these meetings, with the exception of closed sessions, is open to the public, but is not a meeting of the public. View the SBISD Board Meeting Schedule here >>

The purpose of the meetings is to conduct school district business and to provide the members of the board an opportunity to discuss issues with each other and with staff.

Types of Meetings

The following definitions clarify the various types of board meetings that may be conducted.

  • Regular Meeting - This is a business meeting held on a scheduled date (generally the fourth Monday of each month). Action may be taken.
  • Workshop - This is a meeting between Board members and staff to discuss items and to receive information. Public input may be solicited. In some instances, action may be taken.
  • Special Meeting - This is a business meeting held on a date other than the regularly scheduled meeting. Action may be taken.
  • Emergency Meeting - This is a business meeting scheduled with at least two hours notice to the public. An emergency meeting is usually called to address a situation which must be handled immediately. Action may be taken.
  • Closed Meeting - This is a meeting of the Board of Trustees which is not open to the public - only certain topics may be discussed such as property and personnel matters. No action may be taken.
  • Public Forum - This is a meeting to listen to public input. The forum may address a specific topic or may be a general information session to receive public input. This meeting may be held at individual schools or in the community. No action may be taken.
  • Retreat - This is a planning meeting between Board members and staff which could include a training session for Board members. No action may be taken.

Advanced Notices

Notices of all meetings are distributed in advance of the meeting to the news media and are posted on the SBISD web site. Agendas including attachments are also available online.